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“Scott Esserman is a tireless and passionate advocate for ALL of our children. As an educator and parent, Scott has significant experience in multiple roles for the betterment of Denver students. Scott is a proven champion for Denver schools and a committed public servant. I am proud to support Scott Esserman for the At-Large seat on the Denver School Board.”


Colorado Attorney General, Phil Weiser 

“Scott Esserman is my friend and a great ally to communities of color. He is often seen standing alongside our communities at protests, marches, and rallies - fighting for social justice and issues of equity. We need more people on the Denver Public School Board who understand the issues of students, parents, and teachers are experiencing. I am happy to endorse Scott!” 

Former Colorado State Representative - Joe Salazar 


“I could not be more proud to support a champion for justice and equity. Scott, has shown himself not only an effective leader but one that listens. He has proven time and time again his commitment to our most marginalized vulnerable students and families in the decisions that most impact them. He has been an equity ally and advocate for years. As a parent I trust his values as an elected, I trust his policies.” 

Regional Transportation Director - Shontel Lewis 


Colorado State Representative 

Dafna Michaelson Jenet

State Board of Education - Director 

Lisa Escárcega 

Colorado State Representative 

Steven Woodrow

“Nobody has been more deeply and consistently engaged in transforming children’s educational experiences than Scott. He is the parent and leaders who shows up without a title and always gets straight to work - no ego, no questions, — only love, patience, and dedication. Our kids deserve Scott.”

Denver City Councilwoman - Candi CdeBaca 

Andrea Nieto (1).jpg

Denver Educator 

Dr. Rhonda Coleman 

Retired Denver Educator 

Margarett Bobb

Denver Educator 

Andrea Nieto


“I am thankful that Scott is choosing to represent the citizens of Denver Public schools as a candidate for the board. I endorse him wholeheartedly for the Denver Public Schools Board At-Large. He is a father and wants the best for his children’s education.


He has shown the same commitment to all children over the years by helping in untold ways in the schools. He has served on districtwide committees and task forces to evidence his understanding that it takes ALL of us with a broader perspective to create a great school district that serve the needs of ALL children.


I support teachers, and the teachers have seen his work that they have authorized the Denver Classroom Teachers Association to endorse and support him as their choice for the next At-Large DPS School Board Director.” 

Dr. Joyce Brooks 

“Scott Esserman will be a great asset to the Denver School Board. As an educator, he’ll be coming with a keen eye on what it takes to get our children the necessities that they need to be successful. He also knows that equity is not just a buzzword, it is a value, but it is also a practice. He knows what must happen for our children of color and our children with special needs. In fact, he has helped us through several IEP meetings with our youngest daughter, who just happens to have special needs.”

The Turner Family

Turner family (1).jpg

“Scott has shown up for the community time and time again. When schools need his support, he always shows up from Northfield, to Denver Discovery, and even Manual High School. It is an honor to support Scott for the Denver School Board.” 

Brother Jeff 

Ja'Brel headshot.jpg

Denver Parent ​

Andrea Chavez 

Denver Alum.

Northfiled High School 


“Scott and I have worked together throughout my board experience. He is deeply committed to authentic community driven leader ship placing the voices and interest of those impacted by policies directly at the table. I consulted with Scott on issues from reimagining Denver Discovery School and Montebello High School, to Manual High School programming. I continue to do so as DPS adjusts critical systems like choice and enrollment to be more inclusive of family experiences.


I am confident Scott will continue to support the BER, partner with the community as we define a high-quality school and a new SPF that focus on culturally responsive teaching and district practices as we accelerate learning impacted by the pandemic.


I am honored to call Scott my friend in our next At-Large School Board Member.”

Colorado State Representative & Denver School Board Vice President - Jennifer Bacon

CU Regent - CD 6 

Ilana Spiegel


Dr. Janell Lindsay 

Alicia “Lisa” Young

Wanda James


I haven't endorsed anyone in over 20 years; however, the crisis that looms over DPS has motivated me to be vocal. As an African American College Professor (40 years), a parent of four adult children who graduated from Denver Public Schools, and a grandparent of (nine), eight of whom have graduated or are currently enrolled in Denver Public Schools; I support Scott Esserman for at large board member for Denver Public Schools. His invaluable experience working with parents, community members, and school administrators combined with extensive volunteering and serving on boards and committees within DPS displaying long-term commitment to serve the entire Denver public school system.


He believes in the diversity of curriculum, equitable funding for all schools, and well-rounded and transparent education for all families. The fact that he has a child who recently graduated from Manual High School and a child currently attending DSST: Montview Middle School demonstrates a commitment to the Denver public school system that solidifies my endorsement. As someone who has been a member of the DPS family for 47 years, I find Scott's skills, qualifications, and track record compelling; therefore, I endorse Scott Esserman as a DPS school board member at large.

Prof. Richard L Jackson

Purple Heart Vietnam Army Veteran

"I support Scott because he shows up for our kids, especially our most marginalized kids. He is not afraid to stand up for them, defend them, or follow their lead. He knows that’s what he is here for. Scott has the heart of a servant and the vision we need to move into better tomorrows … that’s why he has my vote and I hope he has yours too."


Kerrie Joy


Deborah Burgess

Denver City Councilwoman ​

Amanda Sawyer

Mother Helen Rigmadien

“It is my honor to endorse Scott Esserman for the Denver School Board. He’s grown up with our family and we’ve watched him become a real leader. Being a Shwayder camp director and jumping in to become our religious school director at temple Emanuel. He is a master at juggling  many balls at once. even though we don’t always agree I know he will always pick up the phone and listen when I call.”


Honorable Joyce Foster


Vincent “Vinnie” Chandler

Retired  Denver Educator


Jeanine Ransom

Denver Educator

Troy Hubbell


"I endorse Scott Esserman because he is in the trenches doing the work along side educators who are committed to ensuring all students and families receive equitable treatment and resources that will ignite the spirits and minds of our future world changers. Scott understands the importance of collaboration and building strong relationships and this is something we need if we are to have sustainable change in DPS."


Denver School Leader, Kendrick Friendly 

"During these exceptionally complicated and extremely trauma filled times I strongly believe that the education arena will be "ground zero" for how we cultivate the next generation of adults to lead our world. It gives me great pleasure to endorse the candidacy of Mr. Scott Esserman for the Denver Public School Board because I strongly believe he is the right person for these difficult times. I am confident that he will help us create a board culture that will be committed to always lean on the equitable and inclusive side of the education gap."


Pastor Timothy E. Tyler


Mother Helen Bradshaw

Mother Debra Clark

Shenika Carter


Our BIPOC and Latinx students are faced with challenges unlike any other time in Denver Public Schools. It is Scott's willingness to CENTER the needs of BIPOC and Latinx students that will allow us to embrace and overcome these challenges as a district, community, and gente.


Denver Educator, Tim Hernández 

"I endorse Scott because he has first hand experience as an educator and parent in denver public schools. As a volunteer on DPS committees, he is aware of the systems that need to be improved to bring more equitable resources to our schools. He has built authentic relationships with Denver families and will be an ally in the fight for more racial and social justice in the district."


Former DCTA President - Tiffany Choi


Owner of Whittier Cafe 

Millete Birhanemaskel

Patrick Thibault

Former D.A.C Chair 

Kristen Barnes


"I am serious about supporting Scott Esserman because he understands the need to listen and engage so that students can be serviced in and out of the classroom. He believes that board members should be openly accountable and responsible to students and parents."

Sandra Coates aka “Ms. Coates”

"It was a pleasure being in this race with Mr. Esserman. After dropping out, I urge everyone across Denver. Educators, Parents, Community Members and Students to both support and VOTE for Scott Esserman in this years election for School Board Director At-Large. We share mutual ideologies, I believe Scott will listen to every community member across Denver no matter the color of the skin or language spoken. Scott Esserman is the Director that students need and deserve."

Former DPS At-Large Candidate - Jorge Hernández Arjona


Denver City Councilman

Chris Hinds


Lorena Garcia


Colorado State Senator

Chris Hansen


Denver City Councilman

Chris Hinds


Elisabeth Epps


Vanessa Quintana


Ean Thomas Tafoya

Shayla Richard

Stephany Rose Spaulding


Randall Duval

Peter Wright 

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